Neosonic EZ Hearing Aid - Easy Handling with Advanced Digital Technology! - neosonic-hearing-amplifiers
Neosonic EZ Hearing Aid - Easy Handling with Advanced Digital Technology! - neosonic-hearing-amplifiers
Neosonic EZ Hearing Aid - Easy Handling with Advanced Digital Technology! - neosonic-hearing-amplifiers
Neosonic EZ Hearing Aid - Easy Handling with Advanced Digital Technology! - neosonic-hearing-amplifiers
Neosonic EZ Hearing Aid - Easy Handling with Advanced Digital Technology! - neosonic-hearing-amplifiers

Neosonic EZ Hearing Aid - Easy Handling with Advanced Digital Technology!

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  • Easy to use – Easy operation with a unique volume wheel
  • Lightweight & Compact – Weighing in at 3 grams.
  • Dual Configuration – A 40 dB peak gain using the slim tube, 45 dB with the ear hook.
  • 3 Amplifying Programs – Adapts to different listening environments.
  • Magic Domes – Provides a high performance without scarifying comfortable listening experience.
  • Superior Sound – Offers digital sound quality with 0.2% distortion.
  • No Whistling – Advanced feedback cancellation AFC means almost no whistling
  • 12 Month Manufacturer Warranty & 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

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Designed For Comfort and Performance

Ideal for Mild to Moderate hearing loss

Small and Lightweight

As thin as a pencil! This small device is elegant with slim body design. it's ultra-lightweight for all-day comfort, and so discreet it's barely noticeable.

High Quality Materials

Neosonic EZ uses medical-grade acrylic for sensitive skins.

Magic Ear Domes

A hybrid dome with features of both the open and closed dome. Because it has very small vents it can provide greater gain than the open dome but with less feedback. Also, because it does have a small vent, the “occlusion effect” is minimized.

Easy to Use

An specially designed volume control wheel helps to adjust the volume easily. You can also adjust to the desired volume setting simply by looking at the number instead of by listening. Forget about confusing press and hold operations. This makes it ideal for senior people or those have never used any hearing aids before.

3 Listening Programs:

  • Normal - speech mode (Meeting, conversation)
  • Restaurant - low noise mode (Resaurant, public area)
  • Road – high noise mode (Road, crowd, market)

Superior Sound Quality

Neosonic EZ is equipped with an advanced microchip that is manufactured by an US hearing health device company called Intricon, who also provides the same chips to other big brands hearing aids too. With advanced feedback cancellation AFC, 12 bands frequency shaping, this device ensures high clarity, very low noise levels, and a very quiet background.

For High Frequency Hearing Loss

Neosonic EZ hearing aid put more boost on the high-frequency sound band. High-frequency hearing loss is the most common type, mostly develops with ages. If you have difficulty distinguishing "boy" and "toy", this device is for you!

Digital Noise Cancellation

Choose the noise-canceling mode when you are in a noisy environment. The advanced algorithm of the digital chip in the device will help you to filter out the noise and to focus on the conversation with your family and friends.

In the Box

  • Neosonic EZ
  • Cleaning Brush with Wire
  • User Manual
  • 7x Size 13 Zinc-Air Battery
  • 3x Magic Ear Domes
  • 3x Closed Ear Domes
  • Ear Hook
  • Sound Tube

Optional ear hook and sound tube for higher sound gain


Hear Better Or Your Money Back!

45 days money back guarantee

Every hearing aid we sell includes a 45-day risk-free trial. This means you can test the hearing aid to determine if it meets your needs, if not, return within the 45-day limit, we’ll send you a full refund!

1 year warranty

We provide a free 1-year manufacturer warranty for every product we sell. If your hearing aids stopped working because of the defects in materials and workmanship within 1 year from the time you receive your order, we are going to repair that for you with no charge.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Works very well

Works very well, thank you for providing such a good product.

very good price and they work better than the $7000.00 pair.

I have waited awhile to give these hearing aids a good test. I have been really surprised how well they have done. The first test was a concert. I haven't heard most of the instruments. I just thought it would be like the other aids that I have had. Boy was I wrong. Not only did I hear the flutes and piccolo. You have a lot of control over them more than the ones I had before and I can do the adjusting. I had looked at getting a new pair but the cost was $7000.00. These do a great job at a tenth of the price. I have been very please with the fit.

It works well

I received this hearing aid last Monday

Wow... Considering the price as compared to others

Wow... Considering the price as compared to those available at Costco, this makes it affordable to keep elderly dementia patient in touch with family. In the face of him frequently loosing the ear pieces. at $300 for the set, occasional replacement isn't unaffordable.

Customer service at Neosonic is OUTSTANDING. When I replace my $1,800 units I'll be back for the higher end smaller units.

The EZ way to hear better

Hello, I had been searching for a new hearing aid for several months. I noticed all the ads on Facebook and their promises, etc. But when I called some of them, I was either put on hold for 20 minutes plus, or the phone hung up. When I finally reached a live person, the first words out of their mouth were, "you need to upgrade to a better model". I read hundreds of reviews and finally connected with John from Neosonic. What a breath of fresh air! Kind, considerate and knowledgeable, he understood my needs and decided on the EZ behind the ear model. It arrived in a nice hard protective case with accessories such as a cleaner tool, ear tubes and magic domes. The domes are very comfortable and don't disintegrate like some I have used.

I have been using a hearing since 2008. I started with the high priced aids paying about $1600 per ear. The last company I tried, the hearing aid fell apart after a short time. So after 10 years of trial and error, the EZ arrived at my door to my excited anticipation. I put the battery in, turn the level to 3 as recommended and the angels started singing. I walked outside and could instantly hear birds and the leaves rustling. I walked back in and my wife spoke to me and I heard every word rather than asking her to repeat herself several dozen times a day. I wear my EZ all day and all night, batteries last two weeks. I love it! As the co-founder of The Ultimate Gift Foundation, I am recommending Neosonic and EZ to all our members.