Neosonic Open Fit Hearing Amplifier – Small and Lightweight Device Designed for the Most Comfortable Listening Experience

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  • SMALL AND COMPACT – A small and compact design of these hearing devices go a long way in giving you all day comfort when using it. Weighing only 2.3g, it will be very easy to forget that you are wearing them.
  • FOR MILD HEARING LOSS – A 30dB peak gain makes these ideal for mild hearing loss. 4 amplifying programs perfectly adapt to different listening environments and will also selectively amplify human voices so you don’t miss a word
  • OPEN FIT – An open fit design provides a comfortable listening experience and slim sound tubes to conduct sound. Open domes give better performance and keep the ear canal open allowing more natural sounds in.
  • SUPERIOR SOUND – Enjoy superior, digital CD sound quality with 0.2% harmonic distortion. An advanced feedback control ensures there is no whistling, very low noise levels, no static noise, and a very quiet background.
  • 12 MONTH MANUFACTURE WARRANTY – Get a 1-year warranty with every open fit hearing amplifier you buy. You also get our special 45-day money back guarantee. We are dedicated to giving you quality products that enhance quality of life and will give a full refund if you feel you are not getting that.


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That trip to the audiologist you have been planning could very well not be worth it. Before actually going through with it and up spending thousands of dollars, why not try these low cost open fit hearing aids? They are perfect for complementing your hearing and deliver excellent digital quality sound. If that is not all, they have a compact ergonomic design that guarantees absolute comfort all day long.• Advanced feedback control for superior sound quality

• Very low power consumption gives you up to 10 days battery life
• Very comfortable, ideal for all day wearing
• 4 amplification programs for crisp sound in different environments
• Selectively amplification of human voice frequency so you never miss a word

Speech will no more be muffled, but crisp and clear when you choose these affordable hearing amplifiers. They filter out background noises so you can enjoy conversations with ease without straining to hear what is being said. Make the purchase today and completely change the way you interact with the world.



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