Neosonic Mini RIC Digital Hearing Amplifier

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  • Mini Size Receiver In Ear (RIC) Hearing Amplifier
  • Mild to Moderate-Severe Hearing Loss
  • 48bD Peak Gain
  • 5-Day Battery Life
  • Very Low Disturbing Noise
  • Weighs 1.8 Grams
  • Perfect Over The Counter Hearing Aid

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You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for the pleasure of excellent hearing. This tiny device is affordable yet offers powerful digital sound performance! It’s ultra-lightweight for all-day comfort, and so discreet it’s barely noticeable. With advanced 4-channel processing, it separates speech from background noise meaning no more distractions, just perfect audio clarity.

  • Intelligent 2nd-generation multi-core digital signal processor for pure sound
  • Hear every word in every situation with multi-environment listening programs
  • Powerful with very low current drain for a lengthier battery life
  • Ideal for daily wear! Small receiver-in-canal design causes no discomfort
  • Reliable quality, superior components, and exceptional durability

No more straining to hear softly-spoken words and no more unbearable loud noise either; just crystal-clear sound. If you’re looking to replace those costly hearing aids with a high-quality yet budget-friendly alternative, this is the device for you. Purchase your Mini RIC now to see how its performance and purity of sound rival the more expensive models in its class.


  • Tired of spending thousands of dollars on hearing aids you dislike wearing? The quality of the Mini RIC easily rivals more expensive models, making it an affordable choice without compromise
  • So lightweight and comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing it! Receiver-in-canal design is so small it’s virtually invisible – yet it’s powerful and highly durable
  • Exceptional clarity during conversations with no amplified background noise. Features 12 channels signal processing plus 4 independent compression-amplification channels. Adaptive feedback cancellation means reduced whistling. 8 channel layered noise suppression for pure, clean sound
  • 4 preset listening programs(normal, noisy, outdoor, meeting) for enhanced enjoyment of both soft and loud sounds in any environment. Extended battery life for outstanding performance
  • Incredible 12-month warranty plus our 45-day hassle-free money-back guarantee! Not happy with the quality of your new device? Simply contact us for a full refund – we’ll even pay the return shipping


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Left Ear, Right Ear, Both Ears

4 reviews for Neosonic Mini RIC Digital Hearing Amplifier

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ron Strand

    I was going to wait to write a review for this hearing amp after I had used it for a while but after three days of using it I am going to strongly recommend it. It is so comfortable I don’t even notice it anymore. It is easy to adjust the volume while wearing it and was comfortable in my ear right away. I had tried several in the ear devices because I thought that would be the best way to go but this device is so small that my wife can barely see it vs the other ones I tried. Another thing that is so nice about this one is the fact that there is virtually no noise in the amplifier as you turn the volume up. The in-the-ear aids I tried had so much hiss in them as the volume was turned up that they drowned out nearly everything else. That and the fact that you can turn it up with no feedback makes this a no-brainier. It costs more than most of the other hearing amps but it’s still thousands less than a hearing “aid” which makes it a great value in my opinion.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Awesome product!! Works better than I imagined, you won’t be disappointed. Thank You!!
    I am so very impressed with this device. No whistling at all, very powerful for such a small device! I have had to turn volume down its so powerful and it’s very lightweight too. I would highly recommend this to anyone with a hearing loss, it sure beats the cost of expensive hearing aids! You will be impressed , just give yourself time to adjust to the sounds you will finally be hearing it can be a bit startling at first for your brain . Thank you for making such a good product that actually does what is advertised and works as it should with no issues at all.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    I AM AMAZED! I have ordered at least 8 different hearing aids and I received this product this afternoon. I opened it immediately and was thrilled with the size of it but was very doubtful about how well it would work. I tried it out immediately and was very surprised at the sensitivity and clarity using just the lowest level. I have worn it all day and it’s light weight, very small (which I love) and I will definitely order another. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    David Rohrdanz

    I’ve been using mine (RIC) occasionally, and I like it, and am getting the other one. The different channel settings and volume were confusing, there really isn’t much instruction on that in the literature sent with. I finally got how that works. There are 5 (or maybe 4) volume steps up and down on the rocker switch, they don’t make any noise until you hit #1 and #5 and then there is a Beep meaning you are at 1 or 5. Then, if you hold them down, the mode changes and the beeps tell you which channel you are in. I still haven’t figured out the actual difference between the channels besides some are louder than others, but that’ll come.

    Here is another description attempt for some reason. The rocker switch changes both Channel and Volume. A brief press on the switch changes the volume in the direction of the switch pushed. Briefly press forward switch to go up, brief press on the back part of the rocker switch moves volume down, until the limits of volume changes are reached. A single beep will tell you that there can be no more change made in that direction. Any longer press will change the channel, and 1 to 4 beeps will tell you which channel you are now in.

    I started with one, to check them out. I really have nothing to compare it to except the unaided ear. I very much like the open design of the little plastic bell that goes in the ear, and the fact that the speaker is actually down in my ear canal and not up in the unit trying to bounce sound down a tube. They are very small and light and I’m finding it easy and pleasant to work with them. At a group meeting last night, no one mentioned them so that’s good. If they were much larger and bright green or red, I’m sure I would’ve had comments, but doubt I would’ve had better hearing. I put a little mark on the (inside) side of the unit that should be up when the battery compartment is opened, so the battery doesn’t just fall out on the floor. It’s really pretty small.

    I’m happily impressed, would certainly expect more if I paid thousands of dollars more, but not sure what I would need or want any different. I did not get a discount or free unit for my review, and I have exchanged a couple of friendly emails with the company staff who have been very helpful. 🙂

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