Frequently Asked Questions

Q:I'm always skeptical when everything else is so expensive but something else is so reasonably priced. Is there any type of guarantee of performance with the $289 per ear "Mini RIC"? 

Our company's mission is affordability over profitability. We are able to achieve such a reasonable price through a couple of reasons: we sell directly to our customers, without the involvement of a third party; we sell exclusively online, with no physical store. Regarding the product itself, ours, unlike usual hearing aids, are pre-programmed for the most common hearing loss type. Thus they do not require customization by a specialist, bringing the prices down even lower. Compared to the hearing aids that are much more expensive, they actually have the same hardware.

Since they are pre-programmed, they might not be suitable for everyone. For this Mini-RIC model, they are good for high frequency hearing loss, which is the most common type. We guarantee our performance by offering our customer 45 days money back policy. You can always return it if you aren't completely satisfied with the performance within 45 days.

Q: Does this unit amplify all frequencies the same amount or does it address the common need for more amplificaiton in the 3,000 to 8,000 frequencies?

A: This is a high end hearing amplifier which is pre-programmed to give more amplification to sounds within the frequency range between 2000 HZ to 8000 HZ, which is the frequency typically people lose hearing in. Low frequency noises ( <500 HZ ) are less amplified compared to high frequency human voice sounds.


Q: Is this hearing aid completely waterproof?

A: No. However, comparing with other models, Neosonic BTE Hearing Amplifier is very robust and features anti-humidity.


Q: I have tried several amplifiers, and the biggest problem is road and wind noise when I drive. Will this reduce those?

A: This item does have the design to reduce noise and to amplify voice sounds, but just to a certain degree. There are four amplifying programs, one of them is for noisy environment. I tried the amplifier while driving today and found that mode did help reducing the noise a little. But if I open the window, I can hear nothing but the wind. Hope this helps.


Q: Does it come with any warranty?

A: Yes, each hearing amplifier made By Neosonic comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty.


Q: Does the BTE Model use open domes?

A: No, it only uses closed domes to achieve the best possible performance.


Q: How do you order the right size? How do I know whether I should go for small/medium/large?

A: The length of the sound tube can be adjusted buy cutting short to fit the size of the ear. All of our products are one size and come with 3 ear domes that are small/medium/large. These are always included in the package, so that you can always use what fits best for you!


Q: Is the BTE model good for mild hearing loss?

A: Yes, the volume can be turned down very low until muted, or turned up very loud if needed. Check out our compare page to get the hearing loss range on all of our products – Hearing Amplifier Comparison.


Q: Can  the BTE model be ordered and used for each ear?

A: Yes, they can be used for each ear. The sound tube is adjustable to fit either left or right ear.


Q: How long should batteries last on lowest amplification level? Thanks

For the Mini RIC model, each battery will last 3 to 5 days depending on how long you use the product each day. For the BTE model, each battery will last 5 to 10 days.


Q: How is the sound quality?

( by Mini RIC model customer ) My primary use is for watching TV or radio. Quality is adequate for my 30% hearing ability, but never better than the sound source. It is an amplifier only, not like a TV sound bar. I don’t use it when listening to classical music or singing. I can no longer enjoy those sounds no matter if I use amplifier or my 16 channel, expensive hearing aid. Dog growling or wife yelling sound the same, with or without amplifier. I don’t know yet if I can hear a rattle snake rattle.


Q: How loud are they?

( by Mini RIC model customer ) I can’t give loudness in decibels. I use amplifier in ear with about 70% hearing loss. This amplifier is excellent for my use. I actually had to reduce its amplification by switching to number 4 program (meeting – increases voice frequency, decreases base and high frequency sound). It is much better for me than my fancy, expensive ~16 channel hearing aid. I only needed amplification of voices.


Q: Any idea how this compares to the “Otofonix Personal” models which are more expensive ?

==============Otofonix=====Neosonic Mini RIC==============
model————–open fit———receiver in canal (more delicate, better sound quality, less whistling)
sound gain———25dB———–48dB
sound quality——good————premium
operation———–easy————hard (button too small)
battery————–size 312——-size 10 ( smaller, shorter life)
noise—————-low————-very low

Neosonic has much more sound gain (48 dB gain vs 25 dB). So Neosonic is good for mild to moderate-severe hearing loss while Otofonix is only good for mild hearing loss.
Neosonic Mini is much smaller and light weight than Otofonix, in fact it’s the smallest on the market right now. It’s very similar to those high-end hearing aids costs more than $3000