2020 Guide to Find the Best Hearing Aid Deals


Cheap hearing aids cause more damage than good. By shopping hearing aids direct, you cut out the middleman and unnecessary fees to get affordable, high quality hearing aids at 80% less than traditional hearing aid costs. 


Don't pay retail markups and inflated hearing aid prices! Shop direct and you can save up to 80% from traditional hearing aid costs. Check out the hearing aids sales we found from direct-consumer hearing aid companies we found below.


Most hearing aid companies require you to purchase your warranty. Find quality hearing aids with a free warranty you'll save yourself money and have peace of mind. 




My granddaughter always wants to take her allowance to the dollar store. Everything is $1, can you blame her? She had to learn the hard way that just because something is cheap doesn't mean it is good for you. Using poorly made hearing aids can cause more damage by sending high pitched sound directly into your ear canal, but you also do not need to buy the $3000 hearing aids the audiologist recommend anymore. 

I could give you pages and pages of advice on how to find affordable hearing aids and how to spot the cheap ones, but it can get pretty boring. How about we get right to the meat and potatoes of the subject? Here is what to look for.

FDA approved hearing aids

FDA Registered Hearing Aids

When shopping for affordable hearing aids, first check to make sure that they are FDA registered. If they are, then they are manufactured properly according to the FDA’s international quality standards for medical-grade hearing aids. 

Medical Devices Designed by Audiologists

For decades only a few companies were selling hearing aids, they kept the prices sky high and you had to get your hearing aids from your doctor. The thing is that 80% of people needing a hearing aid have similar hearing loss. What does this mean for you? Well, most people do not need a $3000 custom fit hearing aid. Affordable hearing aids are designed by audiologists to be adjustable and meet the needs of most hearing aid users. This keeps costs down for you and gives you access to high quality and affordable hearing aids.

hearing aids affordable
hearing aids self fitting

No Doctors Appointment Needed

That's right, when shopping affordable hearing aids, you will not need to spend your time or money on unnecessary trips to the doctors office. Why? Well, these hearing aids are made to meet most people's hearing needs and they have many amplifying settings to select from, so you can select the sound that works best for you. 

Shop Direct and Save Up to 80%

This is the best way to get affordable hearing aid prices, shopping direct. Retail stores, like Costco, and doctor's offices carry many price markups. When you buy direct you eliminate many fees and keep your hearing aids affordable. How do I find stores that sells hearing aids direct? It's actually not too hard to know if you are shopping direct or not because most online hearing aid stores will just flat out tell you that they sell direct. They understand the value of selling direct and want to make sure that potential customers understand that is what they are doing. 

shop hearing aids direct
best hearing aid warranty

Compare Hearing Aid Warranties

Most hearing aid companies only offer warranties you have to purchase. I think that if you build high quality hearing aids, then it should be easy to include a solid free warranty. Always check out the warranty on your hearing aid. This will help you avoid the cheap hearings aids and ensure that your hearing aid investment is protected. A good free hearing aid warranty should be from 6 months to a year.

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Shop direct and find the best affordable hearing aids.

affordable hearing aids for seniors


Get the best free hearing aid warranty in the industry with any Neosonic hearing aid purchase. We stand behind our products and our customers.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Shop risk free within a 45-day trial period. If your hearing aids are not right for you, just send them back for a full refund.

Why Neosonic is the Best Affordable Hearing Aid

Hearing Aids Designed by Audiologists and FDA Registered

easy to use hearing aids

Easy to Use

Easy to use hearing aids that do not require hearing tests and setup quickly

best sound hearing aids

Superior Sound

Multiple settings for different listening environments & selectively amplifies human voices

quality hearing aids

High Quality

Hearing aids with digital sound quality and clarity with noise canceling and no whistling

affordable hearing aids

Affordable Pricing

Neosonic cut off the middle man to offer you 100% what you need for 80% less


Hear more, spend less.