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High Quality Hearing Amplifier

Advanced digital signal processing technology provides exceptional clarity during conversations.

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Standard Size Small Size Mini Size
Weighs 5.4g Weighs 2.8g Weighs 1.8g
57dB Peak Gain 30dB Peak Gain 48dB Peak Gain
Size 13 Battery Size 13 Battery Size 10 Battery
10-Day Battery Life 10-Day Battery Life 5-Day Battery Life
4 Compression Channels 2 Compression Channels 4 Compression Channels
4 Listening Programs 4 Listening Programs 4 Listening Programs
Harmonic Distortion < 1% Harmonic Distortion < 0.5% Harmonic Distortion < 0.5%
Low Disturbing Noise Very Low Disturbing Noise Very Low Disturbing Noise
Closed Dome Open/Closed Dome Open/Closed Dome
AFC Adaptive Feedback Cancellation
12 Signal Processing Channels

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Customer Reviews

customer 1

...considering the price as compared to those available at Costco, this makes it affordable to keep elderly dementia patient in touch with family...

Helen Irwin

customer 2

I AM AMAZED! I have ordered at least 8 different hearing aids and I received this product this afternoon ... surprised at the sensitivity and clarity using just the lowest level ...

Warren A. Hall

customer 3

... so very impressed with this device. No whistling at all, very powerful for such a small device! ... thank you for making such a good product that actually does what is advertised

Robert Craig