New Technology Has Made Hearing Aids Affordable for Everyone

Direct to your door, no need for a hearing test or the middleman, start at $199

compare hearing aids

Compare Hearing Aids

FDA registered, designed by audiologists and made with US-made chips

Neosonic EZ Hearing Aid

✔️Easy operation

✔️Good noise cancelling

✔️Long battery life


Per ear

Neosonic SF hearing aid

✔️App Controlled

✔️Self Hearing Test

✔️Self Fitting


Per ear

Neosonic Mini RIC hearing aid

✔️Extremely small

✔️Receiver in canal design

✔️Excellent sound quality


Per ear

Neosonic MX Hearing Aid


✔️Dual microphone

✔️Excellent noise cancelling


Per ear


Why Are Neosonic Hearing Aids Your Best Choice

Cutting edge

Technology is changing the hearing aid industry in many ways. Neosonic chooses the most cutting edge chips that bring high performances with low cost.

Adaptive to your ear

Neosonic hearing aids have multiple settings that allow users to choose the best one to match their hearing loss profile. You don't need a hearing test to choose our products.

Easy to use

Because of the innovative design, Neosonic hearing aids are convenient and easy to use. Everyone can enjoy a superior hearing with a few simple steps. There is no need for a middleman.


Because there is no need for a middleman and we ship directly to your doorstep, we can reduce the cost greatly. That's the reason why you can purchase the products at a fraction of the cost comparing to the leading brands like Phonak or Oticon which would costs thousands of dollars..

Your Satisfaction Is Our Primary Concern

Superior Customer Service * Quick Free Shipping * 45 days Money Back Guarantee * 1 Year Warranty

Customer Reviews

customer 1

...considering the price as compared to those available at Costco, this makes it affordable to keep elderly dementia patient in touch with family...

Helen Irwin

customer 2

I AM AMAZED! I have ordered at least 8 different hearing aids and I received this product this afternoon ... surprised at the sensitivity and clarity using just the lowest level ...

Warren A. Hall

customer 3

... so very impressed with this device. No whistling at all, very powerful for such a small device! ... thank you for making such a good product that actually does what is advertised

Robert Craig

Do I need a hearing test?

No hearing test is needed to purchase Neosonic Hearing Aids. Our products are designed to amplify the frequencies most commonly associated with mild to moderate hearing loss, which are high pitched sounds. The cause of this kind of hearing loss is from long term noise exposure or simply aging.

People with high-frequency hearing loss have trouble hearing sounds in the 2,000 to 8,000 Hz range. For day-to-day communications, this means the consonants such as f, h or s are harder to hear. As a result, those with this type of hearing loss may have trouble understanding female and children's voices more than male voices, at the same time, hearing birds chirp or the high-pitched beeping from microwaves may also be difficult. Speech may seem muffled, especially when talking through the phone or in noisy circumstances. People with this kind of hearing loss often feel like they can hear, but not understand.

High frequency hearing loss is very common but not often treated. Neosonic hearing aids are designed to boost high frequency sounds to better understand human voices. Neosonic hearing aids also have multiple settings that allow users to choose which one more precisely matches their hearing loss profile. So most people don't need a hearing test, Neosonic hearing aids will most likely match your hearing loss type.

For those with a different type of hearing loss, you can always try our product and if it doesn't work for you, you can simply return the item within 45 days to get a full refund. It's completely risk-free.